looking out for your significant other like


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Best boyfriend ever πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
dieboldt sent: Happy Birthday!!

Thank youu!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ


  • rolf scamander is swarthy
  • harry has visible strands of silver hair
  • still wears his round glasses
  • ginny leaves harry with the children while she works abroad
  • james and albus are krum stans
  • no mention of rose and hugo being there
  • ron’s hair is thinning
  • hermione still has…

Pretty awesome birthday so far! I got my first car (and because it was a surprise got my tank filled for me and first months insurance paid for!), I got to go out for lunch with the fam and now I’m going out for dinner with the boyfriend! :)


that face

The most adorable gelding ever omg

Spring ‘13


If the purge were real I wouldn’t be out killing people. I would be busting open a track shop and stealing saddles while my horse was busy getting a $10,000 stud fee for free. Equestrian bitches got their priorities you know.


Tack for Sale (Revised)


β€” Bits β€” (all size 5in)
β€’ 3 Ring Elevator - 20
β€’ Pelham - 30
β€’ Waterford - 20
β€’ Happy Mouth - 15
β€’ Slow Twist - 20
β€’ Dee Ring - 15
β€” Leather β€”
β€’ HDR Hunter Bridle (w laced reins) [size horse] - 70
β€’ HDR Jumper Bridle (w rubber reins) [size horse] - 60
β€’ HDR 5 Point Breastplate [size horse] - 60
β€’ HDR Girth [size 46] - 50
β€’ Dover Webbed Reins - 80
β€’ Collar - 15
β€” Extra β€”
Driving Whip - 10
Kick Chains - 70
Aegis Schooling Helmet (size medium) [no falls] - 40


That tail twist
June ‘14



Today I hit 2000 followers (ermahgerd, love you all!) and I will celebrate by having a little give away, my first!

I’ll be giving away a customised bun cover like this, hand made by me! The winner will get to pick which colour they want and I can also tailor to how much hair you have, if you…

Still some time to go on this, remember that every reblog gives an extra entry. More examples of patterns are available on my blog!