I have spoken to her about it, that’s the thing.. She has never cared ever. She told me today that Lacey’s foal isn’t going to be mine to decide whether or not I want to keep it, I’m not deciding the name or training it ‘because i’ll fuck it up and she can if she wants too’ . I’m going to be paying for it.. I don’t understand. She’s never really cared. .-. I have spoken to her about it all but she really doesn’t care.

  1. elementalequestrian said: That’s not fair though if you’re going to be paying for it, it technically is yours. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that bullshit :(
  2. heartbeats-like-hoofbeats said: Stand up for yourself honey! If she says you’ll fuck it up then prove her wrong! That foal is yours no matter what she says so don’t let her do anything with it! She doesn’t sound very nice, honestly.
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